Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will allow you to eliminate all your unsecured debt, which includes medical bills and credit card debt. With a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may keep certain assets known as exemptions under Texas law. Any assets above and beyond those exemptions are subject to sale and the proceeds are divided among your unsecured creditors. Learn More

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you to reduce or eliminate all your unsecured debt, which includes medical bills and credit card debt. With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you develop a plan to pay your unsecured creditor all or part of the debt you owe over the course of 3-5 years. Learn More

Personal Bankruptcy

Individuals file personal bankruptcy for a number of reasons, including loss of income from layoffs or hours cut back, unforeseen expenses such as medical bills from an accident or illness, and spiraling credit card debt with high interest rates and penalties. Learn More

Business Bankruptcy

The business bankruptcy lawyers at Bailey & Galyen can assist you and your business. We will analyze your situation and provide you with your options, which may include a workout outside of bankruptcy or a business bankruptcy. We also examine your personal situation to determine the impact of a business bankruptcy or other options on your personal situation. Learn More

Reduce or Eliminate Credit Card Debt and Medical Bills

Bankruptcy can be used to eliminate or reduce credit card debt and medical bills. With proper guidance from an experienced bankruptcy attorney you may be able to eliminate all or part of your credit card debt and medical bills. Learn More

Foreclosure on Your Home

If you are behind on your mortgage payments or if the bank is the process of foreclosing on your home, you can use the bankruptcy laws to stop home foreclosure and get the time you need to catch up on missed mortgage payments to.
Learn More

Creditor Harassment

Creditor Harassment. If bill collectors and collection agencies are victimizing you, you should seek counsel from an experienced Texas bankruptcy lawyer to determine how the bankruptcy laws can help you.
Learn More

IRS Garnishments and Find Solutions for IRS Debt

IRS tax debt usually is not dischargeable. But by using the bankruptcy laws, the garnishments, interest and penalties that accrue on your debt can be stopped. Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers can analyze your situation and provide you with the information and advice you need to make informed decisions. Learn More

Student Loan Garnishments

Student loans are not dischargeable under bankruptcy unless the debtor can establish undue hardship. For a student loan to be dischargeable, you must establish that if you are forced to repay the student loan, you will be unable to maintain a minimal standard of living for yourself and your dependents, that your solvency will not be corrected for significant period of time and that you have made a good-faith effort to repay the student loan before the bankruptcy filing. Learn More


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