Michigan Bankruptcy Firm files for Bankruptcy?

As strange a headline as it may appear, it is true. A top Michigan Bankruptcy firm, Frego & Associates, has filed for bankruptcy. It may seem unusual, but bankruptcy protection works for everyone. They had become, like many companies, just a little bloated and had more employees than they could support. The good news is that bankruptcy will let them restructure to remain a top law firm in Michigan. They will have just stripped themselves of some debt and overhead. When they emerge from their bankruptcy, they will be a profitable company better able to serve the needs of their many clients.

Even a bankruptcy firm will not try to represent themselves. There is an old saying that someone who represents themselves has a fool for a client. They have retained competent bankruptcy counsel to make certain that they come out leaner and stronger than before they filed.

If you are having difficulty with your cash flow, it is a good idea to seek professional help and see a qualified bankruptcy attorney. Most good bankruptcy attorneys will give you a free consultation at no risk. You then can decide if you need the professional help.