Who Can You Trust?


We have learned over the years to be skeptical. We have been mislead so frequently that our expectations have been permanently altered. Advertising has promised miracles and delivered dissatisfaction. Relationships have been launched with optimism, only to crash on the rocks of reality. As this is being written, we find ourselves in the middle of another political primary season. Need I say more?

A challenge to counseling people is the strange sources from which they seek advice. It is understandable that a well meaning friend or family member would be trusted, even when they have no expertise in a legal matter. I can even understand how the internet could fool you into reliance on what appears to be authoritative. When advice is in writing and so confidently stated, it must be true. Right? While I can cut you slack on getting bad advice from associates or the media, I am shocked that you would trust your opposition. Almost every week I hear someone argue that their creditor, ex-spouse, opposing party in a lawsuit, etc. has expressed an opinion that they value above that of their attorney. It’s unwise for chickens to take the advice of the fox for the security of their hen house. It is equally unwise to listen to people who stand to gain from your failure. Please retain and listen to experienced counsel. Someone on your side. Some one you can trust.