Bankruptcy Reform for Student Loans is Needed

Many years ago, student loan debt could be discharged in rare situations. A person had to make a good faith effort to pay the loans for a period of about seven years. If they had done that, then they could discharge the student loan debt just like they could credit card debt. Most people, just as today, made their payments. However, for those not lucky enough to find income to sustain the debt they had obtained it gave them an option to get out from under the debt. Bankruptcy is hard on the credit in return for the fact that a person gets to start over. The problem is that the law changed and the student loan debt became non-dischargeable except in extremely rare situations. Now, somebody with huge student loan debts may file bankruptcy to take care of other debt situations, but when they get out they do not get a fresh start. They get to have a fresh start for all debts except student loans. It seems that we have eliminated part of the reason that the bankruptcy laws exist. People now can come out of bankruptcy still financially devastated.