Casey Anthony was found not guilty of the charges that she murdered her child. However, her financial situation began to unravel almost as soon as she finished the trial. Virtually nobody wanted anything to do with her as most observers doubted her honesty. At one point, she even claimed her “nanny” kidnapped her Daughter. Suddenly, Ms. Anthony found herself sued by a woman with a similar name as her nanny claiming she was slandered. Next, Ms. Anthony was sued by the meter reader who actually found the child’s body. He claims that Ms. Anthony’s attorneys implicated him in the murder and slandered her.

Normally, when one files bankruptcy, the lawsuits against a person are dismissed. However, in this case, the issue involves slander and whether or not there was an intentional defamation. The bankruptcy court has ruled that the trials can continue, but they must be held in the bankruptcy court. This is a huge victory for Ms. Anthony. This gives her the ultimate protection against the lawsuits.

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