In an interesting news release by the United States Trustee, the agency has received all A’s for the work that they do. For those who are not familiar with the U.S. Trustee program, they are part of the Department of Justice and are required to oversee the bankruptcy process. They review virtually every bankruptcy filed and are charged with looking for fraud in bankruptcy filings.

Most people who file bankruptcy never encounter the U.S. Trustee. They sit quietly in the background. Occasionally, they will communicate with a Debtor’s attorney. If things appear very serious, they will surface in a bankruptcy case and demand to interview the debtor or review certain documents.

Most attorneys do not disagree with premise that, overall, the U.S. Trustee does the job they are required to do. The problem with this report card is that it is self-generated. The U.S. Trustee gave itself those grades. It would be far more effective to have those involved with the U.S. Trustee grade the agency. Then, the agency would find out what it really does very well and what it may need to work on.

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