I am painfully aware of the temptation to put things off. It is an ailment that plagues us from an early age, continues throughout our lives and appears to be hereditary. This blog was to be done this week and it is now late in the week. It may be part of the human condition to procrastinate, but the cost can be extraordinarily high.

“I am going to lose my house on Tuesday.” Every month for the last 200 or so months I have heard that statement. Every month for the last 200 or so months I have been presented with limited options because they put off seeking legal help. “The bank’s modification program was a scam.” “They lost and I resent my paperwork three separate times.” “I was told I had to miss more house payments before they could help me.” “The company I hired in Plano or Clearwater or Armpit won’t return my calls and I received a foreclosure notice.” I do not doubt for a moment that most of what the potential client tells me is true, but they kept listening to people who proved to be untrustworthy and it may be too late.

If you are having financial difficulties, please do not put off getting help. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer will know your options and try to help you get out ahead of disaster. In my experience we delay seeking help because of our pride. If you visit with an attorney and they are rude or condescending they are not for you. Most of the consumer bankruptcy lawyers I know will listen and do their best to help, but our chances of getting this thing out of the ditch will sure get better if you quit waiting until the last minute.

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J. C. Bailey III