You Are Not Alone

In times of financial or legal trouble, it is easy to feel trapped, alone, and isolated. Whether due to embarassment, secrecy, or shared hardship, your friends and family may be unaware or unable to help you. It can feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Moreover, your anxiety and depression can rob you of joy from the simple pleasures of life — sleep, food, companionship, and other aspects of daily living we all take for granted. Walking through your house or neighborhood can feel like walking through a ghost town, with no one to help or listen to your concerns.

You are not alone. A qualified attorney is not only a legal advisor and guide through the court system but a counselor to help you focus on your problem to get to the next step. Sometimes, we all just need help putting one foot after the other just to keep moving forward. An attorney can provide that clarity and help strip away things that are out of your hands so you can prioritize and concentrate on matters in your control.

It’s also normal to experience short-term emotional instability during times of financial crisis. Consulting with a licensed professional in this area, even on a short-term basis, can help give you the tools to move forward.

Life is too short to endure suffering needlessly alone. Reach out to the professionals that can help you, and take your life back responsibly.

Gene Sollows is the managing attorney for the Plano office of Bailey & Galyen. His common sense, down-to-earth approach and empathetic bedside manner make him uniquely qualified to handle the family and financial problems of north Texans.