The Cost of Waiting

You’re in debt and know you can’t pay it — ever. But the idea of bankruptcy scares, concerns, or embarasses you. So, you wait. Bills pile up, creditors start to sue you, the repo man starts sniffing around your driveway, and eventually the certified letters from the mortgage holder, collection attorneys, and IRS arrive. Your paycheck possibly gets garnished. All of these are actualities that occur daily — and are even more frequent in difficult times.

But there’s more to lose than just your money, property, pride, and sense of self-worth — and that’s the damage debt does to your relationships. Broken marriages, time spent away from your children while you work second or third jobs, shutting yourself off from the world and those who love you. These are real, permanent costs of waiting to file a bankruptcy.

Chances are, there are real people suffering — you and your family — by your decision to wait. Stop the bleeding now. Come see us, find out what your options are and get on with your life.
Don’t let your debt destroy your life.